Beginners Guide to Patents from IPWatchdog

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Small businesses are often operated by people with inventive, creative mindsets.  Our clients repeatedly demonstrate their ingenuity and willingness not only to dream, but to execute their plans by taking the small, necessary steps along the way.  The following article "A Beginner's Guide to Patents" from IPWatchdog, Inc., addresses some of the preliminary concerns and questions raised by clients interested in obtaining patents.

Private Facebook messages without Privacy? You Knew that Didn't You?

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Privacy concerns are not fairing well overall when it comes to protecting social media users. And as I tell clients and friends, it's those pesky privacy policies and terms of use that perpetuate a general lack of understanding as to exactly what the user is giving up in exchange for the social media fun. And, even for consumers who attempt to understand the the end of all those pages of legalease... the user is left with a Hobson's choice. Take it or leave it. Thus, part of the problem is a terribly obvious one.

State Legislation Strengthens Data Security and Data Breach Law

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Businesses who collect personal information of Florida residents should take note of this stringent new data protection law that went into effect this month in Florida. Of special interest is the updated definition of what constitutes personal data and the grant of investigative authority to require copies of an entity's policies and procedures for protecting data if a breach is reported. Short terms for reporting breaches of information involving more than 500 Florida residents.

Ninth Circuit Limits Free Speech to Protect Copyright Interests...Or Did They?

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Last month, the Ninth Circuit ruled in a case that has gained significant attention and it's attention well-placed. The author of the blog "To Put It Bluntly" offered a weighty analysis of the case and the potential ramifications for free speech in an excellent article that appears here,  Be aware this is a meaty rather than milk toast analysis of the issues raised in the case.