Truth and Consumer Protection...When Facts Don't Matter

        UPDATE:  After repeated emails and providing public records to demonstrate that I was NOT the Kathryn Kent who received disciplinary action, the "watchdog" has finally corrected most of the information on the website. Hopefully the remainder will be removed soon. Again, I am sorry for any consumer, client or colleague that was mislead by the watchdog's false information during the time it was posted.


          I regret needing to post this update. But, an individual who calls himself a "watchdog" has posted untruthful and misleading statements about me and my law practice. And, he states that his purpose is to uncover ethical issues in the legal profession. He posted a page that states I was disciplined for misconduct and had my license suspended for two years in Vermont! Truth seems irrevalent.  I have sent the website owner emails informing him that he has posted false information and demonstrating by public record his false statements. The public records that he references and connects to me...actually pertain to an entirely different Kathryn Kent that practiced in 1999 and 2000, and no longer practices in Vermont. I apologize to any consumers or clients who were concerned or mislead by this man or his website.  He posts concerning attorneys and lawyers across the nation. And, though he alleges that he is presenting "facts", he does not bother to link to the public records that support him or any other source material.  I am a consumer protection advocate, but if you are going to call yourself a "watchdog" you need to provide the consumer with actual records and source documents to evaluate for themselves.  Otherwise, you may do far more harm than good.